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Hello Celeste, cool website! I love the colorations. Especially since deep red is one of my favorite colors. I appreciate the music format and song listening options too!
hi ! Mrs.talley
Great site Celeste!
Come to Me.............just wanted to let you know I heard your song on Unheard Radio. Very beautiful and great jazz feel!!!!
I'm in the middle of my first CD and I know what your saying about self doubt. Satan loves that one because it is so effective!
love your tunes playing TEDDY BEAR MAN on kbcu saturday night. your 2nd kbcu single. stoppin by to see your neat page.
Hi Celeste,I am sorry,but you left a message on my guestbook about your cd,but alas,I haven't received it.It must have been the wrong person.Thank you,bye for now,Warren.
Hi Celeste, I got your CD in the mail today. I was so surprised and thrilled. Thank you. You sound great! I listened to part of it in the car on my way to work and I already know I love it. Diana
this is all amazing Celeste!
Hi Celeste, I have played some tracks of your splendid cd, but i cannot send the playlist, because I have no e-mailaddress from you. Please send it and I send you the playlists. Thank you very much. Arno
Hi Celeste, We received your cd today. Very nice and soothing vocals and songs. We added a couple of your songs into rotation. May God Bless you Always.
G'day Celeste, I received your CD, thank you! Regards from Australia.
wonderful artist!
Wow, that was wonderful. I've never felt so spoken to. It's as if you were right in the room with me.

Love Never Fails

Let me know if you were blessed.