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Bio: Celeste Talley Singing has always been a part of my life. Throughout my childhood I performed at school functions and in choir. It wasn’t until I accepted Christ into my life at sixteen that it really became an important part of me. While attending Bible college in Montana, I became a part of the choir and a ladies trio that traveled the state and surrounding states. After college, I performed in church and at Christian Women’s club events and luncheons. When my husband, children and I moved to Oregon I took voice lessons and performed with a little group for events and area churches. After that we moved to Los Angeles, where I felt my skills could be used in a larger capacity, such as making a record. However, God had other plans. I gave up singing for eight years to pursue an education and find work to be able to help support my family. It was devastating to let go of my dream of singing and performing but I had much to learn and God was the teacher. Eight years later after watching the aftermath of Oklahoma City bombing on TV and seeing the teddy bears lining the fence, I was so moved that I wanted to write a song, even though that was never a consideration before this. Two years later, I took the song into a studio to record it for my mother and the producer told me to write more songs and he would produce them. My first CD was produced, thanks to my generous grandmother and mother, and handed out to family and friends with a brief airing on a Christian radio station in Belgrade, Montana. I was determined to do a second one with more production and to include some jazz songs. It was difficult finding the right producers and then keeping them as their schedules would get busy and I was paying for all of this out of pocket. There were many difficult times trying to get the right sound for the songs, getting the right producers for the songs, paying for all the many expenses that kept cropping up, and getting the producers to do what I heard in my head. God continually answered my prayers and led me to the right people at the right time. Still, there were many discouraging times when I felt that the goals were not getting accomplished and questions as to whether my songs and voice were good enough and why I was spending money that could be used for other things. Again, God would keep reassuring me through His provision of money and connecting me to talented people that we needed to press on. God brought together accomplished musicians for this CD that were known for performing with Kelly Clarkson, Beck, Marc Anthony, The Kimmel Show, and Janis Ian The background singer, Robbyn Kirmssé toured with Joe Walsh and sang at Jennifer and Brad Pitt’s wedding among other things. One producer, Tim Frantz toured with the Gaithers and the another, Jeff MacDonald has major contracts and connections with all the major studios in Hollywood. They did this project for their own personal reasons but it wasn’t for the money! Now, another eight years later my second CD is finished thanks to my last producer, Mary White, who cleaned everything up and brought in a team of hugely talented musicians to help create these songs. I love writing songs that the musicians and other singers love to play and sing. My hope is that there are even more people that love to listen and sing along with them with the intention of spreading the word that there is salvation from the punishment of sin and eternal life through Jesus Christ. AMEN!

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